Why HospitalityMatches.com is the Best Way to Match Employers and Job Seekers

There are many options for job seekers who want to conduct confidential job searches, but few that are effective.

You put yourself out there, not knowing if anyone is actually paying attention to your resume. Uploading an application to a typical job board can be like falling into a black hole —with no way to follow-up or set oneself apart: Most job boards are designed for the mass market: impersonal and one-sided.

In the world of online job boards, HospitalityMatches.com is The Best Way to Match Employers and Job Seekers.

When you join our Candidate database you get these important advantages:

  • It’s always FREE to search for a job and upload your resume.
  • We maintain your resume in our database and make it easy to update or replace it.
  • A member of our Recruiting Team reviews your resume and may make suggestions for improvement.
  • Your resume is sent to an Employer only when you meet their requirements. We don’t waste our Employers’, or Job Seekers’ time.
  • Our Employers do not get a flood of applications, with yours overlooked in the process.

If your resume is selected by HospitalittyMatches.com to be forwarded to an Employer, it’s because the information you provided is a good match for the position.

We won’t waste your time by suggesting your talent, skills and experience for a job that makes no sense for you. HR departments are already overwhelmed, and our job is to put a spotlight on you, when you’re right for the job.

Each client Employer is assigned a HospitalityMatches.com Staff Recruiter. This allows us to develop a relationship that helps you get serious consideration.

The people behind HospitalityMatches.com are veteran professional search and recruitment experts with strong contacts and deep relationships. For more than 40 years, our management team has been serving the Hospitality and Gaming Industry exclusively. We know the business, inside and out.

We only post real jobs, with real employers. If you are going to put yourself out there, we’re here to support you.