Why HospitalityMatches.com is the Best Way to Match Job Seekers and Employers

Every employer in the industry is on a constant search for capable, reliable talent, with the prospect for retention. For HR departments challenged with less staff, time, and resources, there is an urgent need to fill the gap between costly retained searches and the world of online job boards.

We focus on candidates for jobs in the $75,000 to $145,000 base salary range, primarily at the manager and director level.

Any job board will post your listing and put it out there for the world to see. If you’re not reaching an industry-specific target audience, there’s a lot of wasted time and effort sorting through possibly hundreds of applications.

HospitalityMatches.com bridges the gap between search firms and common job boards in terms of both cost and efficiency.

HospitalityMatches.com  acts as an extension of your company’s Human Resources department, a new tool in the toolbox, and a part of the team. HospitalityMatches.com is focused only on the Hospitality and Casino Gaming industry and brings all of its experience and expertise to these positions.

We take the ordinary job board and make it an extraordinary resource for hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, luxury senior living, the cruise industry, and others who need experience and talent in every hire.

As a HospitalityMatches.com client, you elevate the job search process to a whole new level by combining the best of both worlds—technology and personal service—into a high-quality and cost-effective process. Consider these benefits:

  • Your jobs are posted on an industry-specific website, marketed extensively to the Hospitality and Casino Gaming industry
  • No resume dumps to your email—you receive only screened resumes forwarded by a trained professional HMC Team Recruiter
  • Enterprise Level Services include refined and focused searches, reference gathering, and video interviews

If only for the single benefit of resume screening, our service is well worth the investment.

HospitalityMatches.com stands alone in reaching, then selecting only those candidates that match your needs. You see only qualified resumes.

Online job boards result in a deluge of resumes no matter how precise a filter is used. Sorting through them is overwhelming and time consuming, and still may not result in a good match. That’s where a trained professional HospitalityMatches.com Staff Recruiter takes centerstage.

The Human Factor

We all understand the importance of personal relationships when it comes to recruitment.

The relationship between a company and the job seeker is important when it comes to finding the correct match. HospitalityMatches.com’s combination of technology and personal service turns inefficiency into effectiveness

We understand the importance of combining human intelligence with the online job search. Our staff can tell the Job Seeker’s story in a way that a two-dimensional resume cannot.  And our staff can also tell the Employer’s story—describing the company’s culture and management style—in a way that a job posting service cannot.

Learn more about how HospitalityMatches.com your HR department can leverage our reach and skills to help you find, and attract, quality candidates.

Our monthly and annual plans offer advantages for every size property.

Contact us now to discuss your needs. We’ll tell you why HospitalityMatches.com is The Best Way to Match Employers and Job Seekers.

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